Hi!!! Today I share with you my Pegorina around the world map!! I saw this idea in etsy last year, from a gorgeous artisan (that I cannot remember right now), and I have decided to make my own, so I can keep track of all the orders that I’ve received! 
Yesterday I found a cheap map, that I glued on to a white cardstock thick board, cutted some letter and voilá! Now I can put all the pushpins :D 

tracking map pegorina world map

A cute new baby toy! this sweet guardian angel pop up in my mind last night! And I new right away that I have to make it, and I’m so happy with the result, because is so lovely and soft!
Is made with 100% cotton fabric, and the cloud in 100% wool felt. Your baby can put it in the mouth without taking any risk, because is filled with natural wool. 
Did you know that Dust mites don’t like wool. They prefer hot humid environments that are more common in synthetic or down products.

baby cotton pillow guardian angel pillow baby gardian angel cotton soft baby toy stuffed baby pillow